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SherpaJS. Web Framework.

SherpaJS is an open-source web framework that empowers developers to effortlessly construct modular and agnostic serverless applications. Developers can easily build serverless web server using a directory-based structure, and even import pre-built modules at endpoints. SherpaJS servers can then be compiled to a variety of different web platforms including Vercel Serverless and local Server.

SignalFire. Internal Tooling.

SignalFire is your all-in-one internal tooling platform for securely and efficiently executing scripts remotely. SignalFire empowers users to run scripts in various scripting languages on cloud servers, on-premises machines, or their local computers. Executing a script is as simple as filling out a form and then the script will be executed on the desired machine with the results returning automatically.

SlothTools. Data Editor.

SlothTools is a code based data manipulation tool. Perform data transformation tasks in minutes on text, arrays, objects, and more. With the added power of the Lazy Library you can easily convert, map, filter, minifiy and beautify any type of data. If you're feeling lazy you can even use a prebuilt template. SlothTools is a powerful data tool enabled by Javascript and the Lazy Library.

Carrot. Text-to-Speech.

Enhance Reading, Improve Comprehension, and Correct Mistakes with the Carrot Text-to-Speech application. Carrot is more than just a text-to-speech application. It's your companion in the world of words, harnessing the power of spoken words. Easily catch spelling slip-ups and grammar quirks that escape conventional checks.

Poliview. Political Insight.

Powered by data-driven poltical insight, Poliview is a smart compass that allows you to navigate the political world. Giving you a look into the hidden politics of the companies you buy from and support. Facilitating a positive and productive political discussion. Not only about the role large corporations play in our nation's politics but also a broad view of politics as a whole.

Authical. Authenication.

Authical is an open source authentication framework that uses one-time passwords to authenicate users. A user can simply enter their email and they will receive an email within seconds with a one-time password (OTP) they can enter to confirm their identity. Authical is a easy to deploy framework that will manage one-time passwords, sessions, and user accounts.

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